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Better Mousetrap?

:::peeking in nervously:::

Hi Mr. Doctor Sir. "Internal and cleansing medicines" huh. Are you sure you're not my husband? ;-) Well I will be brave and be the first vict- um, I mean lucky recipient of your suggestionist experience.

My husband too is very keen to engage in what I assume you are hinting about and argues that regular "irrigations" are important for me. I have very mixed feelings about it but the #1 thing that I don't like about it is the leaky and cheap "tools" for it that he insists on getting from the local Kroger. Water drips from the hoseat the beginning and the end and the it never seems like it clamps off well enough to keep (clean) water from getting everywhere.

We have looked online for better solutions but it all gets far too complicated for us with things inflating or needing complicated parts and all. Is there a simple way to do this that is better than the grocery store red bag one sees everywhere?

I hope it is all right to ask questions like this I am sure you are a very busy man. ;-)

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Aha! It was a mouse I was bethinking I heard! Well hello there, meine kleine Maus!

Yes yes, cleanly young ladies are next to Godly young ladies, as is being known around the world so I can only applaud your very crafty husband!

One must indeed have the right tools for the job, and the rote Klistiertasche bags are made with the cheapness and the lack of detail that can only thwart his smart efforts!

Luckily we have studied these matters in great detail and with much earnestness, on a near-weekly basis! and I am presenting here to you that there is a much better trap for a mouse like you out there!

Please to be allowing me to suggest this product from unaffiliated Amazonian sources:

This clever model is extreme in being well-made and does not leak at all! Does not even need the clamp that comes with it. Even has a travel bag.

It has changed the lives of the staff at the Kittery Center For Exhaustive Personal Examinations and Testations quite greatly!

My compliments to your husband please, and let us know how much you are enjoying your tidier ablutions!

Dr. S. Freud (self-diagnosed)
American Adult Pediatrics Councel

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Zowie! That was some kind of information! You seem to know your stuff! :| That does look like its better made than grocery store bag! I will tell him about it! On the one hand I kinda don't want to help him out with this but on the other hand since I have put myself in his hands and all and this is what he says I'd wrather at least that it was neat and tidy! Thank you Mr. Dr. Sir! o: