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Regression (emotional)

Dramas In Pajamas


The homey domestic touches are so endearing, and emotionally powerful, in building the atmosphere of being little in a safe household, which should be the goal for Ageplay Romance.

Harkening back to feelings of childhood, no matter how adult she is, or how adult the situation might be.

And little says "domestic" and "safe" and "cozy" and physically-intimate as does a woman in cute, girlish pajamas.


Cold And Flu Season (Temperature Taking)




It is yet another time being the time when Liddels can be getting colds and flu more easily.

So it is evermore important that Guardians monitor every small detail of their Liddel's health!

And nothing is telling us more about her health than her temperature.

It has been demonstrated thousands of times, several hundred by my own self alone, that the MOST accurate taking of the temperature is to be the rectal flavor.

It is over a QUARTER of a degree more accurate than any other of the methods!


Big Girl Training

Big Girl Training
Part 126 of 309


He says it perhaps a half-octave lower than normal, and rumbling from his chest -- a mild admonishing tone, but she instantly removes her hand from him, looks up earnestly, apologetically with those stunningly gorgeous eyes, and demonstrates her best swirling technique upon him in her mouth, the enthusiasm of which pleases him, despite the oversight during tonight's Training.


Little Things

More than probably any other relationship, the parental one is fraught with more ritual and little touches. All the trappings of childhood -- the toys or diapers or swing-sets or braces or car seats or playclothes -- are far more involved and continually used than the toybag or dungeon of even the most ardent BDSM'er. And the role of parenting is filled with nearly endless "ritual", from bedtimes, story-telling, potty-training, discipline, schooling... to learning to drive -- it never ends.

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