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Little Miss Not-So-Independent

“Ima be with you.”

Or, the flip side of that,

“You’ll be with me?”

I can’t tell you how many times I ask Daddy these questions – sometimes multiple times an *hour*. We are very much in love, and he has never given me any kind of reason to think that that would ever change.

Still, even in this utterly loving, completely committed relationship, my Little is still very insecure, needy, and clingy at times.

As an adult woman, I’m independent and self-confident and pretty self-actualized. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are, I know what I can do, and I know my own value (finally).

But in our Ageplay relationship, my Little is just about as far from that as to be ridiculous. She needs reassurances from her Daddy pretty frequently that – even if I’ve been perfectly behaved – he still loves her, that it’s okay for her to want to be with him and be herself – who is far from perfect - and that he will be with her always.

Bless Daddy. He seems to have an infinite amount of patience with me about this. He’s always very reassuring and positive, and always allays my fears in that area very strongly.

And that’s all she needs.

She just needs to hear it, to hear him confirm that she’s not too much of a burden, that she’s not annoying him when she asks him this for the first or fifth or twenty-fifth time that day, and that he’ll always be there, no matter what.