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The not girly girl

I’m not a very “girly" girl.

I don’t have a closet full of clothes. I don’t have multiple pairs of the same shoe in different colors. I don’t even carry a purse.

Daddy doesn’t allow me to wear makeup, and I’m allergic to most scents (although I love them anyway).

But I do love pink, especially pink roses.

So, as the only daughter I’ll ever have, poor PeeWee never had a chance! I think everything she owns is pink – from her pink, gingham checked and ruffled harness to her pink wire crate and coordinated bed.

My friends all tease me about it, and even a stranger got in on it once !

We were on the coast, in a touristy spot, and I was walking Miss Whee, on her pink, retractable leash, and as a couple passed me by, I heard the comment, "Way to gender norm your dog!"

I was like, utterly unapologetically, "Yup!"