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We use the term "Ageplay Romance" to help differentiate between the simple fetish or kink or purely-sexual connotations that the word "Ageplay" has, with the focus on how all that fetish, kink, or sexuality can become something even more intriguing and wonderful, when it's part of a functional, healthy adult relationship, and not just masturbation fodder.

So in that sense, "Romance" just means "between two people", rather than a single person one-handedly scrolling through Ageplay porn, which is largely what "Adult Ageplay" online has come to mean.

Actual sexuality between real people who live real lives, and not just between you and an actress dressing like a child so you will buy her things from her Amazon wishlist.

(Also, it's the MOST delicious when those two people care for each other in that way that requires the other person to be happy and healthy, for them to be happy and healthy -- you know, actual unselfish adult Love relationships, when possible...)