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Emotional Realism And "Adoption"

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We've spoken about this in all manner of ways, over the years of GI's incarnations. But I'd like to mention it here, too.

GI's mission has always been about emotionally safe nurturing and reParenting of the Innerkid. And by far the HUGEST source of pain, and emotional damage, for Innergirls, over and over, through the many years of trying to help them, has been letting their hunger to have someone "Daddy" them, make them throw themselves into the arms of relative strangers, in ways that their Bigperson (hopefully) never would throw herself, in regular life.

Without meaning to throw a wet blanket on anyone's search, I would ask any woman here with an Innergirl who is pining for a Daddy, to ask herself this important question:

Is your Innergirl Emotionally-Real, more than just a fetish or a kink?

If she is, then think about whether she deserves to be treated, as much as possible, as well as a Biokid would be. If she's as Emotionally-Real as a real child (and most of yours are, in my experience)...

...then would you, the woman, choose to have a baby with a man you knew as little as you do most online "Daddies" you give your Inner Child to?

If she is, then she's going to be as *crushed* by a Daddy that's she's given her whole heart to, who just isn't there one day, 'cause it just didn't work out between the adults. Because maybe you took on an online "Daddy" based mainly on your hunger for one, and he was there, and sounded Daddyish... and didn't that feel amazing??. Of course it did.

But she's going to be hurt just as badly as if you'd decided intentionally to have a baby with a guy you were just chatting with online, because he used the word "Daddy", and that name happens to melt a part of your wee heart.

If she's Emotionally-Real, then consider making sure that any guy is really capable of being a long-term Daddy, which means that the two of you are capable of being in an LTR as adults, apart from that vulnerable part of you, before you give him the keys to your child.

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