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New Resident Intros

I am Kelly!

Hi everyone I'm Kelly and I hopes to roleplay with adults and other roleplay kids. I have been doing online roleplay for 20 years and I play on Second Life for a pretty long time. While the 3-D world is a lot of fun I also like to write in forums too. So I hope to meet some of you very soon!

Hugs n Kisses 



Chris's Introduction


I've never been here before although I knew of this Island cos my past apart from a tiny period on Friends Reunited in 2005 was just lived before I joined a short lived adult little boy site and took out an account at Tumblr to connect with other adult little boys cos we're so invisible really.

I mean everything you hear is about girls, even on tumblr in the age regression communties it's like 90 to 10 about girls regression and there's more of them there that I hang around so you get the picture. 


Laura Anne's Introduction

Hi!  My name's Laura and I was here a long time ago and then I came back and then I came back again.  And now I'm back one more time.  From now on, I want to keep a toothbrush here or something!

These days I'm a bit older.  11 is a great age but it also kind of stinks cause you're too old to be a little kid and too young to be a big kid.  And it's where I appear to be stuck!  The good news is that I'm learning how to become a babysitter, so I'm happy to help out when little kids need things.


Evie's intro

Evie's picture
by Evie Thu, 10/31/2019 - 12:26

I used to be on here a long time ago with the same name. I've been Evie as long as I've realized I had a IK.  I'm 6 years old usually but sometimes younger. I just thought I'd drop back in and see what's going on. I miss playing with my friends... 



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by Lissa Mon, 10/07/2019 - 13:26

Hello, I came here from Carolyn's facebook, I like the ideas I see. It may sound contrary but I don't think of myself as into AP even though I have a strong craving for my Daddy (hubby) to give me spankings (and sometimes :::blush::: diapers).


Tizzy was little-one

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by Tizzy Thu, 10/03/2019 - 19:43

i used to be little-one here. i have missed the island. i have had a bunch of daddies since it was hopping here. i thot i was in lurve with a cuple of them. but i am more trouble than i am worth and need to learn not to believe it when they say they will take care of me forever. i hope i can help with something here. i can blow up pool toys really good!