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by Lissa Mon, 10/07/2019 - 13:26

Hello, I came here from Carolyn's facebook, I like the ideas I see. It may sound contrary but I don't think of myself as into AP even though I have a strong craving for my Daddy (hubby) to give me spankings (and sometimes :::blush::: diapers).

I guess I mean I don't feel like I "regress" or think of myself as "little". But I love my husband (as a man and as my Daddy) and he is the boss, and my sexuality is all about being a wife who is spanked and treated like a child often. I know that doesn't make any sense. But I was a told I should post something like this and I try to do as I'm told. ;-)

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Welcome, Lissa!!!

Making sense is highly overrated!! :)

Thanks for introducing yourself - but doing as you're told is highly overrated, too! :D

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Ahoy, Miss Lissa!

I think I know of what you speak. Not all who are into, or moved by, the trappings of Adult Ageplay, are Emotionally-Real Innerkids.

Maybe it's my inherent bias toward thinking of most women as having such a broad and deep spectra of feelings, but my own experience is that most require a certain level of depth, of multi-dimensional emotion, in their relationships, than necessarily do as many males, but even when these lifestyles are mainly sexual *fetishes* for women, and not about emotional regression, they still find a lot of the power to come from a special *connection* to another person that they're sharing those powerful sexual cravings.

So I think it's common for a lot of women to be drawn toward the pure sexual triggers of it all, and still to find it most powerfully woven into their connection with someone else, and preferably a special emotional connection.

So do you mind if I ask about your daily life a bit? We want to share REAL stuff here.

Like... so if you don't feel a sort of emotional regression, but want to live a life where a "Daddy" figure enacts trappings of childhood like spankings and ("blush", as you said)... shhhh... *diapers*... :) ) what does your daily lifestyle look like? Is he Daddy around the house during ordinary times? Are you called out of an adult headspace and activities to be treated suddenly like a child? Is that jarring?

Hope you don't mind me asking. We want to explore the deeper meanings behind this stuff here, is all.

Thanks for your candor!