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What Adoption Really Means In Adult Ageplay

An essay I've written gently suggesting that folks remember that if their Little, or Innergirl, is emotionally-real, then being too cavalier about letting her feel "adopted," and thereby prolly losing that Daddy-figure sooner rather than later, is like a child having parent-figure after parent-figure promise to be there for them, and then feeling abandoned again.


I am Kelly!

Hi everyone I'm Kelly and I hopes to roleplay with adults and other roleplay kids. I have been doing online roleplay for 20 years and I play on Second Life for a pretty long time. While the 3-D world is a lot of fun I also like to write in forums too. So I hope to meet some of you very soon!

Hugs n Kisses 



Daddy not intimate enough

Mister U.B., I've seen in other places girls complaining that their Daddy always makes 'little' time sexual and they want time like that to just feel little for awhile and not always be about grownup sexytimes. I feel weird because I have the opposite problem. My husband is very supportivee of my little needs and gives me times when we just do that, like afternoons when I am to be little and he treats me as little, but he is not comfortable with sexytimes when I am little, or at least not when I am dressed little.


Chris's Introduction


I've never been here before although I knew of this Island cos my past apart from a tiny period on Friends Reunited in 2005 was just lived before I joined a short lived adult little boy site and took out an account at Tumblr to connect with other adult little boys cos we're so invisible really.

I mean everything you hear is about girls, even on tumblr in the age regression communties it's like 90 to 10 about girls regression and there's more of them there that I hang around so you get the picture. 


Laura Anne's Introduction

Hi!  My name's Laura and I was here a long time ago and then I came back and then I came back again.  And now I'm back one more time.  From now on, I want to keep a toothbrush here or something!

These days I'm a bit older.  11 is a great age but it also kind of stinks cause you're too old to be a little kid and too young to be a big kid.  And it's where I appear to be stuck!  The good news is that I'm learning how to become a babysitter, so I'm happy to help out when little kids need things.


Good "Adoption" Advice From Reddit


u/Sternenkrieger posted on Reddit:

I'm old. I got into a real life bdsm group before I had internet access.

Last year I started posting pictures here, mostly comercially produced stuff. Some of the comments make me uneasy.

There are real life persons who post pictures of themselves, letting others get a glimps of their relationship/dynamic. They get comments along the lines of: "That's barely red. If I were your dom, you would have wealts."



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