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What Adoption Really Means In Adult Ageplay

An essay I've written gently suggesting that folks remember that if their Little, or Innergirl, is emotionally-real, then being too cavalier about letting her feel "adopted," and thereby prolly losing that Daddy-figure sooner rather than later, is like a child having parent-figure after parent-figure promise to be there for them, and then feeling abandoned again.



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by Lissa Mon, 10/07/2019 - 13:26

Hello, I came here from Carolyn's facebook, I like the ideas I see. It may sound contrary but I don't think of myself as into AP even though I have a strong craving for my Daddy (hubby) to give me spankings (and sometimes :::blush::: diapers).


Tizzy was little-one

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by Tizzy Thu, 10/03/2019 - 19:43

i used to be little-one here. i have missed the island. i have had a bunch of daddies since it was hopping here. i thot i was in lurve with a cuple of them. but i am more trouble than i am worth and need to learn not to believe it when they say they will take care of me forever. i hope i can help with something here. i can blow up pool toys really good!


Headmaster signing in

I was here under another name for a long time but I think a fresh start is fitting for a new place like this. My first wife was also my little girl and I think its the most adorable thing in the world when a woman wants to be a girl sometimes too. But she didn't like making punishments (cp) part of it all it made her feel bad inside so I am keenly interested in putting my experience with cp to use where I can do the most good.


A Testimonial


Her tinkler has been on the fritz lately.

UTIs (Uncomfortable Tinkler Impositions) are never fun, but thanks to Dr. Freud, Squeaky can once again live a normal life! Well... normal as she's capable of being, I mean.

After thoroughly examining her from all possible angles (ALL possible angles), he brilliantly reminded me of the most ancient Medicine of all -- that Daddies can just kiss it to make it better!

And after just 4-6 days of doing so regularly (albeit very gently at first), she's feeling just fine! Pantibiotics can't do it alone!



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