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The Intimacy Of Authority


The Guardian Island project is here to focus on the potent Headspaces of authority, discipline and eroticism which are common to many lifestyle themes.

* The willing gift to another personal of some level of Authority over one.

* Submission to corporal discipline to enforce that Authority.


Mingling Realism With The Tingly, Aching Stuff

A post which Katiemay came up with from 2005... a letter to my long-missed grandmother about the dual goals of keeping our lifestyle as realistic as possible, while acknowledging the Giggity of it all: the tingly, delicious fetishism of it...

Dear Granny,

I love how complex these Backside-type psychologies are, and even how they can be contradictory. I think you would have loved a lot about this lifestyle, if you'd been born in a different time.


Little Things

More than probably any other relationship, the parental one is fraught with more ritual and little touches. All the trappings of childhood -- the toys or diapers or swing-sets or braces or car seats or playclothes -- are far more involved and continually used than the toybag or dungeon of even the most ardent BDSM'er. And the role of parenting is filled with nearly endless "ritual", from bedtimes, story-telling, potty-training, discipline, schooling... to learning to drive -- it never ends.

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