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Mr. UB FaulknerWhat is lock-down for the rest of us? Some spirits yearn to roam, but logic bades us stay at home...1 month 3 weeks ago
Mr. UB FaulknerWashed up on any given shore, is a Mitzvah in these days of Western insanity...1 month 3 weeks ago
kiddoI use to come here but I kinda got lost for a long time. Happily, I founded me way back!1 month 3 weeks ago
kiddoI use to come here but I kinda got lost for a long time. Happily, I founded me way back!1 month 3 weeks ago
Chris_minorJust getting up ready for a stroll by the farm this morning.2 months 6 days ago
Joanne_chanStill in lockdown here, and will be for at least the next three weeks, Laura2 months 3 weeks ago
Laura AnneI really hope that everyone is staying at home with their caregivers and being safe!3 months 4 days ago
Joanne_chanOff for a week outdoors if not bein blown away literally by Storm Dennis. see you all soon.4 months 3 weeks ago
Joanne_chanHugs5 months 2 weeks ago
Chris_minorNot gonna be aroudn much having a bad csa ptsd time shaking, crying an just feelin broken. bye.5 months 2 weeks ago
Laura AnneThanks, UB! We really really really appreciate all you do and the difference you make in our lives!5 months 2 weeks ago
Mr. UB FaulknerWe're working on adding more playful areas, just started with the framework to post writings, 'cause, well, we're both writers. The Northern Loompas are working on a playground right this minute! :)5 months 2 weeks ago
Laura AnneAuntie Red, that would be amazing! I would be happy to volunteer as an assistant (I bet Jo would help as well)5 months 4 weeks ago
Auntie RedI volunteer as occasional playground monitor! :)5 months 4 weeks ago
Joanne_chanMeaybe we can ask for some?5 months 4 weeks ago
the minxLike the treehouses5 months 4 weeks ago
the minxI kinda miss the cute play areas. They were always so pretty and interesting...5 months 4 weeks ago
LissaOh no! Did he??5 months 4 weeks ago
Chris_minorIf he don't get blown other by the storms tonight...6 months 4 hours ago
the minxCousins? The guy running my Soulcycle class? (:6 months 1 week ago
Auntie RedOr your Auntie! Or Mommy!6 months 1 week ago
Dr. Sigmoid FreudIt is being the cold and flu season! Please to be remembering to ask your Daddy to check your temperature every night!6 months 1 week ago
Lissalulz at the minion8 months 1 week ago
The Kittery MinionHis whole career was a shipwreck8 months 1 week ago
TizzyEdmund Fitzgerald is one of my favorite singers. :)8 months 1 week ago
Mr. UB FaulknerNo. No one knows.9 months 2 days ago
Mr. UB FaulknerDoes anyone know, where the love of God goes, when the winds of November come early?9 months 1 week ago
Carolyn FaulknerHi, Pepper!!! <waving>9 months 1 week ago
LissaHi Pepper! I think I know you from FB :)9 months 1 week ago
Mr. UB FaulknerHi Pepper! Brave girls make me proud! Good job! We're here for stories and good conversation, so stay tuned! :)9 months 1 week ago
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