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Adoring Discipline

The Profundity Of Making It REAL


This is lovely for looking REAL, and less staged, or less carefully-applied to achieve some photogenic effect -- that is what a bottom looks like after a true, on-the-spot punishment spanking... fast and intense, peppering without much ritual, meant to connect her with the punished-little-girl part of her, that's so fraught with emotion -- not perfectly accurate and measured, and meaning business... not an orchestrated "scene".


"Let me show you how much I love you."

“Let me show you how much I love you.”

This phrase often precedes the administration of a few sharp “love pats” in our household, usually delivered because I’ve done something Daddy’s not in favor of, but that doesn’t warrant to make it a full blown spanking.

I never know when this is going to happen – when I’m in the kitchen, the car, or doing the most mundane of things. As he’s saying it, he’s pulling me over his lap or his knee or the back of the nearest chair, getting ten or twenty hard swats that make me beg him not to from the beginning.


Mingling Realism With The Tingly, Aching Stuff

A post which Katiemay came up with from 2005... a letter to my long-missed grandmother about the dual goals of keeping our lifestyle as realistic as possible, while acknowledging the Giggity of it all: the tingly, delicious fetishism of it...

Dear Granny,

I love how complex these Backside-type psychologies are, and even how they can be contradictory. I think you would have loved a lot about this lifestyle, if you'd been born in a different time.


The Squeaky Electric

I sing the Squeaky electric...

There is salt at the bottom of the ocean,
there is salt at the bottom of my Love.

seering salty honesty flowing down her face,
pretense washed away,
doubt is flushed,
her need is musk,
outer pain plunges
into achingly bright waters,
and inner pain washes away.

reeling back years,
intensity, tenderness,
intensity, tenderness,
the cadence of low words
matches the tide of her needs,
in ever-rising punctuation.


Withholding Tax

The Sacrament Of The Sacred Salt

There's a certain beauty to the intensity with which her whole body arches back, clenches, and he sees the left side of her face in profile, also clenched and tight, her eyes sealed with bodily concentration to hold back, to fight it back... to withhold, to fight against being emotionally exposed... despite how exposed the rest of her is in this position.

And he won't have it.

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