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Tizzy was little-one

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by Tizzy Thu, 10/03/2019 - 19:43

i used to be little-one here. i have missed the island. i have had a bunch of daddies since it was hopping here. i thot i was in lurve with a cuple of them. but i am more trouble than i am worth and need to learn not to believe it when they say they will take care of me forever. i hope i can help with something here. i can blow up pool toys really good!

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<waving at you>

Hi, Tizzy!

Did you choose that name because you're always in one, I wonder?

Hmmmm. Blowing up pool toys? That might get you into a bit of trouble, although it does sound like fun! (But don't tell Daddy I said that . . . )

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Hiya Tizzy! I remember little-one! We had a few nice chats as I recall.

Hope to get the beach opened up before long, so keep those excellent lungs handy, I'm going to need someone to inflate my water wings!

Let me know if you need anything!


*gentle hug*