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Back Talk

Princess Bethies' little room (Princess Bethie)
blushes that would be good
Princess Bethies' little room (Joanne_chan)
Princess Bethies' little room (Princess Bethie)
can Mr Claus deliver me a Mommy who can help keep me under controls?
Princess Bethies' little room (Joanne_chan)
Mebbe yoo need a few days to re-centre yoorself and perhaps Mr Claus might make an appearence. 
peeking in and saying hi (Princess Bethie)
cuddles for all wish could find me a Mama, even online
peeking in and saying hi (katiemay)
 welcome back,i was juss thinking boutcha yesterday.  glad ta see ya. 
peeking in and saying hi (Joanne_chan)
I cans understand that, Bethie, not that I prys in yoor stuff but I tinks a few people has been a...
Princess Bethies' little room (Princess Bethie)
comes back after a long time and lays under my blanket cuddling with teddy and staring at ceiling,...
Hi I'm Amelie and I'm new here (Monica Angel)
hi amelie 
*waves shyly and ducks behind wall* (Monica Angel)
hi candy 
Hewwo I ish Carter (Monica Angel)
hi carter 
Waves shyly and giggles (Monica Angel)
hi jessie welcome to the iland 
Hewwo I ish Carter (katiemay)
hi carta welcome to here. i like stuffies too. i dunno whatcha talking about with pans but no...
Waves shyly and giggles (katiemay)
Hi ya Jessie n welcome ! I like em stuffs too. Glad ta meetcha.  *does a curtsey n giggles*
Waves shyly and giggles (Joanne_chan)
Welcome theres Jessica to the Island. I likes colouring and animals toos!
Hewwo I ish Carter (Joanne_chan)
Helcome to de Island Carter.
following instructshuns (katiemay)
 AHH Mazzyyy  You snuck up on me!    *pulls you next ta me,with my arm round you shoulder* I...
following instructshuns (sunshinemaz)
following instructshuns (katiemay)
Where ya wanna be?
following instructshuns (Monica Angel)
o you are a cute bunny
Keeping warm (Monica Angel)
i smile at ari :)
Keeping warm (ari)
 *Smilin' seein Monica an' givin her lotsa waves*   Doin' wurds is hard. An' doin' wurds with the...
following instructshuns (Joanne_chan)
Mebbe we can finds yoo a map?
following instructshuns (Lena)
I'm losted
*waves shyly and ducks behind wall* (Joanne_chan)
Welcome to de island, Candy.
*waves shyly and ducks behind wall* (katiemay)
Hi, welcome to here
What is Ageplay to you? (candy-blues88)
(it seems you're asking the big and so the big shall answer) I think for the most part I don't...
Keeping warm (katiemay)
you welcome JoJo, ya cant get sick now with all the  holidays coming up!  Hi  Maz, maybe we can...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
Thank yoos for  cool water Katie as it help me head.
Hi I'm Amelie and I'm new here (Joanne_chan)
Welcomes there Amelie to the Island.  Me name is Jo and I hovers around 9 thru 12 in regressed age...