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Keeping warm (katiemay)
Feels your forhead again . Be right back!     Runs back with    Dont evennn tell me you ben...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
I feline a temperature comings ones, Katie  
Keeping warm (katiemay)
feels JoJos forhead makin sure she aint sick n duhlerious with fever   gigglin  to Monica  "I...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
It gets less anxious with time, not that the anxiety always goes so it more managable, Maz.
Keeping warm (Monica Angel)
it dont get easier but i get less anxious as i keep doin ok   *sittin with friends*
Keeping warm (katiemay)
ahuh  i was thinkin it gets easier acuz arigirl did it,she didnt qwit! Or maybe yas jus get use to...
Keeping warm (Monica Angel)
i hear my name
Keeping warm (katiemay)
 i proud of yew n ya didn even has myn help these years with your wirds!! eee reeeealll awesome...
Keeping warm (ari)
*Beamin' an' snugglin' into Katie an' givin' the fizzlee girl hugs too. An' wavin some at Joanne...
Keeping warm (katiemay)
 wow  thats a neat buttifly n ya took a good shot !I never saw that kind. Hope ya have fun n if...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
This is the pitcher I tooks of de butterfly. I should bes going away to a bonfire party early next...
Keeping warm (katiemay)
 Betcha had fun Joanne ,id like ta see the pichir. ,are ya doing any fun stuff  for autumn? Puts...
Keeping warm (ari)
~Sneekin' in, I do curlin' up quiets next to Katie.. cause even rillie quiet people get drawn to...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
I's been playing during the summer with the girls, took a photograph of a butterfly and reading...
kittycat5 an Little_Ben's happy room (katiemay)
pokes myn head in seeing what Monica n Jojo  beez pokin ems heads inta for,hoping ta see Kittycat N...
kittycat5 an Little_Ben's happy room (Monica Angel)
i see joanne an i poke my head inside lookin round too
kittycat5 an Little_Ben's happy room (Joanne_chan)
Pokes head in saying "Are you home?"
following instructshuns (sunshinemaz)
hello, see you around , 
Waiting for my pop (Joanne_chan)
I love the making up at the end cos yoo know it's all over and done with.
Waiting for my pop (sunshinemaz)
My pop takes me in his arms and coo's in my ear, its all done my mazzy girl, the storm is over, we...
Waiting for my pop (Joanne_chan)
Oh I do get this Maz having shot through warnings with three-foot signs as my behaviour has spired...
following instructshuns (Joanne_chan)
Hi Annie.  While you can explore by yoorself, it may be better to start where people have already...
Snidget's starry room (Joanne_chan)
That's a super crib you have, snidget.
New little boy (Joanne_chan)
I quite like stuffies too such as rabbits, cats and birds like me owl that I like to take with me...
New little boy (Monica Angel)
New little boy (Snidget)
Hi Monica!
New little boy (Snidget)
I love stuffies too! I got a ton
Jo's corner (Joanne_chan)
Then that's yoor need actually met, Laura 
Jo's corner (Laura Anne)
No apologies needed!  I wasn't bothered by what you wrote.  Hopefully, my response didn't come off...
Jo's corner (Linden)
Arg, I'm sorry Laura -- I didn't think through my questions well enough and when I read back my...