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Hewwo I ish Carter (katiemay)
hi carta welcome to here. i like stuffies too. i dunno whatcha talking about with pans but no...
Waves shyly and giggles (katiemay)
Hi ya Jessie n welcome ! I like em stuffs too. Glad ta meetcha.  *does a curtsey n giggles*
Waves shyly and giggles (Joanne_chan)
Welcome theres Jessica to the Island. I likes colouring and animals toos!
Hewwo I ish Carter (Joanne_chan)
Helcome to de Island Carter.
following instructshuns (katiemay)
 AHH Mazzyyy  You snuck up on me!    *pulls you next ta me,with my arm round you shoulder* I...
following instructshuns (sunshinemaz)
following instructshuns (katiemay)
Where ya wanna be?
following instructshuns (Monica Angel)
o you are a cute bunny
Keeping warm (Monica Angel)
i smile at ari :)
Keeping warm (ari)
 *Smilin' seein Monica an' givin her lotsa waves*   Doin' wurds is hard. An' doin' wurds with the...
following instructshuns (Joanne_chan)
Mebbe we can finds yoo a map?
following instructshuns (Lena)
I'm losted
*waves shyly and ducks behind wall* (Joanne_chan)
Welcome to de island, Candy.
*waves shyly and ducks behind wall* (katiemay)
Hi, welcome to here
What is Ageplay to you? (candy-blues88)
(it seems you're asking the big and so the big shall answer) I think for the most part I don't...
Keeping warm (katiemay)
you welcome JoJo, ya cant get sick now with all the  holidays coming up!  Hi  Maz, maybe we can...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
Thank yoos for  cool water Katie as it help me head.
Hi I'm Amelie and I'm new here (Joanne_chan)
Welcomes there Amelie to the Island.  Me name is Jo and I hovers around 9 thru 12 in regressed age...
Keeping warm (sunshinemaz)
looks up  and yawns 
Hi I'm Amelie and I'm new here (katiemay)
 Hi Emelie! and welcome to here! That sounds like such fun ta have sleep overs.  The islands been...
Keeping warm (katiemay)
Feels your forhead again . Be right back!     Runs back with    Dont evennn tell me you ben...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
I feline a temperature comings ones, Katie  
Keeping warm (katiemay)
feels JoJos forhead makin sure she aint sick n duhlerious with fever   gigglin  to Monica  "I...
Keeping warm (Joanne_chan)
It gets less anxious with time, not that the anxiety always goes so it more managable, Maz.
Keeping warm (Monica Angel)
it dont get easier but i get less anxious as i keep doin ok   *sittin with friends*
Keeping warm (katiemay)
ahuh  i was thinkin it gets easier acuz arigirl did it,she didnt qwit! Or maybe yas jus get use to...
Keeping warm (Monica Angel)
i hear my name
Keeping warm (katiemay)
 i proud of yew n ya didn even has myn help these years with your wirds!! eee reeeealll awesome...
Keeping warm (ari)
*Beamin' an' snugglin' into Katie an' givin' the fizzlee girl hugs too. An' wavin some at Joanne...
Keeping warm (katiemay)
 wow  thats a neat buttifly n ya took a good shot !I never saw that kind. Hope ya have fun n if...