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Dear Squeaky, Who Felt Hurt And Criticized By A New Rule Recently

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    Dear Squeaky, Who Felt Hurt And Criticized By A New Rule Recently

    I love hearing you sweep deeply beside me, when I'm up in the middle
    of the night thinking.

    I love knowing you're nearby, no matter where, or why.

    I love you completely, as you are, I promise.

    You don't have to change for that love, just like you make me feel
    that I don't have to change, for your love. That's been the most
    beautiful thing ever to happen to me, to feel that from you.

    If I aspire to change anything, it's only ever because having so much
    with you tempts me with simply wanting *more* with you.

    So please keep that in mind, when you're being disciplined for
    expected and understandable oversights of the structure that's best
    for you, which is why I provide it.

    Structure and discipline are not criticism, I promise, I don't feel
    that way about you -- they're an expression of love, as we've often
    depicted them, something that can be a win/win situation...

    A win, because striving to do better, even in the little things, is a
    noble Human pursuit, even when not successful...

    ...and a Win because I believe that being spanked and then cuddled
    regularly is inherently good for you, a Rite in our belief system, a
    thing that should happen regularly, For Your Own Good, and having
    that structure, those rules and consequences, gives us a scaffolding
    upon which to engineer and support that Rite.

    I will continue to give you as much reasonable structure, about things
    that're demonstrably good for you, as I'm able.

    I *expect* that a child will overlook, forget, or dawdle about some of
    her structure.

    I will punish and then cuddle her, when she does -- not because the
    oversight is unacceptable, not because the assignment or rule was
    meant to correct something wrong in her, but because the consequences
    are a special demonstration of Love in our world, and because I WANT
    there to be regular, good, non-pretend reasons to spank and then
    cuddle you.

    You recall that, right? We both *want* non-pretend, non-pointless
    reasons to weave DD into our life.

    So it's part of the *point* of giving my "child" rules and
    assignments, that I know she will forget them sometimes, or drag her
    feet sometimes -- and will then be lovingly punished.

    I expect that, desire that, and am irrationally happy with that -- and
    with YOU.


    I'll work harder to make sure that the rules and assignments aren't
    couched in ways that seem like criticism, Love. Because they aren't.

    They're a means to TWO different ends at once, which is pretty
    wonderful and miraculous.

    [Well, three different ends, counting the end that actually gets
    itself paddled. :) ]


    I adore you.

    --your Daddy, the Polar Bear

    (Even after 13 years together, hell ESPECIALLY after 13 years together, the PPP [Pampered and Punished Princess] gets the first bite!!)