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Going 'splorin'...

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Going 'splorin'...

I am taking a look around, fingers firmly in my mouth, and blankie in my hand. My jean overalls over my long sleeve dark purple shirt keep me warm, and are perfect for getting dirty. There is so much to see here, and I can't to go play! But it's late, so it is time to go 'sploring, to know what is out there.

I am wandering around and go outside, and walk down towards the beach. Maybe I can make a mud pie...and I see a little door that has a key sticking out of it! I wanna know what is behind there! Do you think it is a tunnel, or a stream? But, sometimes I get in trouble for going 'sploring... but I tug a little on the door, and can smell salty ocean water! I take a deep snif. So good! I can hear the noise of the waves, so I know that there has to be a beach down there, so maybe there will be shells, and I can make a necklace later! is so dark! Are there any lanterns along the way? But, I'm not a'possed to touch matches...can I find a light?

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Tidbits Bout Me

  • 12 dropping to 9ish Middle
  • Loves cats
    Good mostly pretty bad rest of time
    Love icecream and S. Fried Chicken
    *Offers a you super powerful 

    *Offers a you super powerful  solar charged torch



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    Tidbits Bout Me

  • mosly im 6+ here
  • liless me beez2-4
    sometimes im not very proper : /
    i yam a fish wisprer
    i love peeples
    Sittin up on a rock i hear

    Sittin up on a rock i hear some sqwishing sands n look ta see who is coming.

    Feeling mischievus n wantin ta talk in pirate ghost voices, but i decide notta scare her cuz  shes new n dunno me even.

    Waving my flashlight towards her n shouting