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the healing majik of a quiet forest

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  • the healing majik of a quiet forest

    Sits in the forest on a old moss covered log

    along side a small stream listening to the birds sing and the trickel of the  steam


    how do i feel right now ?

    shouldnt be any differently then always i should be used to this all becasue in reality 

    its al the same thing just with a different person at a different point in time 

    im not going to go into details i really do nto want to share that right now 

    im not looking for sympathy or attention to be honest 

    i want to sit here and listen to the birds and running trickeling water 

    i want to  take this time to  feal without being told my fealing are wrong 

    i want to try to find myself again somwere i as me got lost  

    i cant find my age i cant find me im nto even sure i exsist any more 

    i dont know who i am 

    i guess now its time to try to heal see if i can find me again 

    stop thinking abuot every one else ant ake time for me again