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Membership Levels And Badges

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Membership Levels And Badges

This badge indicates that a person is a probationary user of our community -- which basically means they wrote a comprehensible sentence in reply to the registration question "What does Ageplay mean to you?" and so had their account activated. Little else about them can be assumed.

Newcomers will be made full Residents (below) when they have participated in the community, and completed the short Newcomer Checklist in the Read Me First note.

This badge means that a person has been with us long enough, and participated here enough, that they were given full citizenship, they are full Residents. Residents may post, comment and scrawl without approval, and can edit or delete their own posts. PLEASE NOTE that having this badge does not inherently mean that we at GI can necessarily vouch for a person, so remember how little you really know about ANYONE online.

Someone who's been booted from the snuggery for very good reasons.

This badge means the person is a member of the Lullaby League, or Hall Monitors, a group of public secureness helpers who keep things safe around here.

This badge is worn by Katie, the Queen of the Oompas, a.k.a. the Chief Moderator. She helps out a lot around here and keeps a good eye on things. Please pay attention if she has a request.

This badge means the person is a Sheriff, an Administrator.