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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Guardian Island is an Adult Ageplay haven.

Our Mission is twofold:

(1) Providing a safe haven for Emotionally-real Ageplay personae to express themselves and explore their needs, by way of an atmosphere, for those that wish it, of Safety, Healing and Innocence; This is the goal of The Snuggery community on the frontside of GI.

(2) Helping people sculpt their Ageplay needs into healthy, fulfilling, committed relationships -- the most powerful sorts of relationships we've ever known, and very often the only avenue to long-term Inner peace for Innerkids with these unusal needs. In the Kittery community, on the Backside, we explore these things in depth.

Adult Ageplay, of course, NEVER involves Biokids (real children) in any way, whatsoever.

Guardian Island is a safe zone for either re-experiencing childhood feelings which one craves, or rewriting events and feelings which were experienced traumatically. It often involves discipline and sexuality between the ADULTS in such a relationship, and often overlaps with the spanking fetishists in the D/s community.

We have divided the Island up into two halves: The Snuggery, where Ageplay sexuality is not permitted, and The Kittery, where it is encouraged.

If your Innerkid is part of, or interested in, your healthy adult relationships (which we refer to as Intimate Ageplay), then you will find kindred spirits in the Kittery.

If your Innerkid needs a place to feel, and be treated, as if she was a Biokid, then the Snuggery community is there for you.

Our Mission is to maintain a safe zone for the expression of the "Inner Child" in healthy, committed adult relationships -- to whatever depth or degree that expression is craved; and to encourage the exploration of these needs (and fulfilling ways to express them) in meaningful ways in one's life.