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Hi I'm Amelie and I'm new here

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Hi I'm Amelie and I'm new here

Hi I'm Amelie and I'm 'bout 9 most of the time.  In the real world place I've been in ageplay for a super long time, and I live with my mommy in a place called Oregon.  She's been my mommy since Christmas day of 2005, so that means soon it'll be 12 years!  


I used to have a lot of real life ageplay friends, my mommy and me would hold play dates for us littles and it was so much fun with sleep overs and pizza parties and lotsa stuff, but sadly a lot of them moved away recently in the last year, until there was mostly only mommy and me left.  And now mommy has an awesome new job, so we have more money to do fun things with and to move to a nicer house soon, but it means she is work work work work alllll the time!  pouts

Anyway, she suggested I maybe find a place to make some new friends at online and I thought it was a neat idea too!  Only I wasn't sure where to find such a place so I had to do some researching and this was the place that seemed the coziest and explained how ageplay is for me and mommy the best so I thought yes this is the place to be.


So hi future friends!  I look forward to meeting you soon :)



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    Welcomes there Amelie to the

    Welcomes there Amelie to the Island.  Me name is Jo and I hovers around 9 thru 12 in regressed age. I has some in real life littles friends I meet up with to play in Great Britain.



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    hi amelie 

    hi amelie smiley