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House Rules

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House Rules

We don't have a lot of specific rules around here.

Instead we have some tenets that express what our purpose here is, and some guidelines for how we think those purposes are best achieved.

And so, the cardinal rule is, Please don't do things that disrupt our community or work against our goals.

The Lullaby League (moderators) are usually nearby to keep an eye on everything, and they'll speak gently and politely to anyone that seems to be disrupting our community or working against our goals -- Newcomers and Residents are expected to listen to what they say.

If you have any question about "rules" or behavior in The Snuggery, you're welcome to contact UB.


The Snuggery is meant to be a safe zone for Innerkids and Guardians to be, play, and talk in a relatively Innerage-Appropriate space.

This means that Innerkids are expected to be treated as relatively like a decent person would treat a Biokid of the same age.

Of course we're all adults here, and most of us would become very bored if the level of conversation and interaction was truly on the level of children -- but these are the expectations that we have of you when interacting with Innerkids, if you would like to participate in our community:

Innerkids will be treated:

  • Nonsexually

  • With respect

  • With compassion

  • As if you CARED about their long-term well-being, and weren't just here looking for a plaything


This is a PECKERWOOD-FREE zone.

This means that we have a low tolerance for bothering other people, or trying to disrupt the community, or trolling, or being a jerk in general.

You are free to be yourself and express yourself, as long as what you're doing doesn't infringe on someone else's ability to be themselves, express themselves, or be in a safe and relatively peaceful community.

If someone asks you to stop interacting with them in some way, you're required to do so -- that is infringing on their right to be themselves.

Roleplaying violence or destruction will infringe on others' right to be in a safe and relatively peaceful community.


No trolling for relationships, please.

The Snuggery maintains a bio-age-appropriate atmosphere for Innerkids to feel and play as if they were actual kids of that age.

We know it can be hard to find an Ageplay relationship out there, but the Kittery, on the backside of GI, is the place where we focus on relationships.

Those who seem to be using the Snuggery only to troll for Ageplay relationships and chat-sex, won't be very welcome. We're pro-relationship, but this isn't the place, this is the equivalent of a schoolyard or playground, not a singles bar.

We believe that the best path to Inner Peace and healing for Innerkids, is to find long-term, stable, healthy RL relationships, rather than roleplaying "adoptions" as light play, or jumping into them so quickly that they have little chance of lasting, setting them up for serial heartbreak, and re-experiencing the trauma of being crushed somehow by an adult when they were Biokids, as so many of them were.

DECENT would-be parents (e.g. "Daddies") don't go looking for children to adopt at the local playground.

Mostly, keep your mind open, play, talk, don't be a jerk, and have fun!

Simple! :)


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House Rules