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The Lullaby League (hall monitors)

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The Lullaby League (hall monitors)

The Lullaby League are Hall Monitors in the Snuggery. They help us keep an eye on the place. Please do as they ask.
image of the badge which moderators wear in the Snuggery on Guardian Island

You can recognize an LL member because they wear this badge:


  • ari

  • Jules

  • Katiemay: is an alpaca rancher who donates her time overseeing the Lullaby League, and holds the honorary title of Queen Of The Oompas. She's in a RL Adult Ageplay relationship with her long-time boyfriend, our own Papa Joe. You can visit her in her Oh-ficial Office.

  • Monica Angel: "i am a quiet angel an i stay mainly in the chat room but i like helpin"

  • Papa Joe: "Joined GI in 2001, inner kid friendly, LIKES: katie, pizza, chat, posting on the boards and treasure hunting in that order. DISLIKES: not seeing katie, running out of pizza and power failure."