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    * * Read Me First Please * *

    Upon what strange shore have you landed?

    This place is called The Snuggery, it is a virtual version of a very real place, located on the frontside of Guardian Island, off the coast of Maine, in the United States.

    ~ ~ ~

    It comprises a house, which is deceptively large inside, and filled with many rooms, despite outward appearances, as well as a number of outdoor areas.

    In each of these rooms, and outside areas, people gather to either engage socially (roleplay), or talk about things (discussion).

    Roleplay and discussion occur in threads, which might remind you of a basic discussion forum online. Threads are begun by people, describing either a roleplay scenario or a discussion someone wants to have, and then others are welcome to reply, and pretty soon there is a "thread" of posts on the same topic.

    Remembering that this is a virtual representation of a real place will help you understand where you are, and what you might do.

    While you will find shortcuts here and there to help you get a handle on the activity around here, we encourage you to wander around and explore, like you might if you were invited to visit the analog (RL) version of the Island.

    Starting at the front door, you can stroll down the hallways of the Snuggery, and see the images depicting each of the many rooms and outside areas available.

    Most aren't labeled, you are invited to enter each room or area, and explore it to figure out what's going on in there. (But if you're boringly linear, you can hover over the depiction of any area and a description of it will pop up).

    Floating along majically beside you wherever you go, you will notice our Transporter mechanism. Hovering over it will bring up a quick list of all the areas and rooms on the frontside (Snuggery side) of GI, and allow you to instantly transport to that room or area.

    But we encourage you to remember that this is a virtual representation of very real places on the Island, so exploring around physically, by going down those halls, and into those areas, and exploring hands-on, is very much suggested.

    This Island has been home to several groups, including early Vikings, when they explored North America looking for viable farmland, and then later pirates who found the underground (and underwater) caves perfect hiding places for their won booty when the early American authorities chased them from southern waters, and set out to make the East Coast waterways safe for shipping once again.

    More than one cache of treasure has been discovered hidden on this Island, and there are those who strongly believe that the spirits of long-gone adventurers still linger in the labyrinth of caves underground, and are responsible for the fact that THINGS ARE KNOWN TO CHANGE WITHOUT WARNING around here.

    So keep a sharp eye out -- you might think you've explored everywhere, but there is always Mystery afoot, and the thick, thick Maine fog has finally folded back to reveal new features and formations on this Island, never before seen, more than once. You never know what you might discover.

    Here is a checklist for Newcomers to the Snuggery -- please do these things before you start adventuring on this side of Guardian Island, if you want to become a full Resident, without any of the restrictions placed on Newcomers:

    • Please make sure you've read GI's Mission, and can promise to honor those goals.

    • Please make sure you've read our Snuggery rules, and can promise to follow them.

    • Please introduce yourself in a new thread in the Intros Room if you'd like to be part of the community. No one will know you're here otherwise.

    • Have fun, FEEL, learn, and grow, by PARTICIPATING! Residents are people who join in the community, get to know folks, and let folks get to know *them*. Lurking does not grow communities! And you're safe here. Participating is what it takes to become a Resident.