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sites, apps and software for discipline

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sites, apps and software for discipline

this is for big eyes only if you are little go play inside while i talk about boring grownup stuff with your bigs please.

If you are in a long distance relationship with your ik's keeper discipline can be hard. below are some stuff my ik and her keeper use

forest- you have to leave your phone untouched for a given time to grow a tree. A screenshot of the tree can be sent to verify punishment is done

you're grounded- to get this one, one has to join a free yahoo group called fond of writing ( the group is basically dead so not much comes from them after the intro packet)

It greys the screen, blocks all other programs, and locks the mouse until a pop-up comes up with " click button A, B,C.  Keepers can set how long the popup stays up, how long between pop-ups ( between values x and y) and how long the session lasts. It generates a report of how many missed and correct buttons were pressed. Each report has a verification code that a keeper can enter to ensure it really came from the program.

I need dinner ( just noticed the time but I will add to this with links later) 

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You can check out this other

You can check out this other Yahoo group. It's alive, but requires a lot of custom changes to the default scripts provided to make it more IK friendly for tasks and punishments and such. It also can do writing tasks for punishments.