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Overall Rules

  1. The general Snuggery Rules of course apply in the chatrooms

  2. Despite that we invite your Innerkid to play here, we also expect you to remember that you're an adult first, and to behave like decent people, which squabbling Biokids sometimes aren't.

Chat Rooms


Our main social room, all are welcome.

Quiet Room

This is a gently-lit room where gentle talking is welcomed, but physical play and boisterousness, not so much.

The Squabbledome!!

Yes, squabbling is the number 2 pastime of many knee-biters, so if you're feeling like getting your RDA of pointless bickering or chatroom drama-surfing, this is the room for you! Mods will even help you pack your emotional baggage! Bring it down here, work it out, or don't, whatever, so we don't end up a community of petty, peevish emotional vampires! Yay!


This room is meant for those that might need a break from kidspeak, so in this room please be in Bigspace, or be an adult, and speak and behave like one.


This room is available for those that feel the need to discipline an Innerkid and have been given the authority by their Bigperson to do so.

Queen's Office

This room is for the Chief Moderator (aka the Queen Of The Oompas), for whatever use she sees fit.