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Recent Haps In The Snuggery

Keeping warm

Running into the room that i memberd had a fire place, i go straight to it n make a fire to keep warm.

Thinking ~"i guess its a waste of energy to keep the heat on if noones around"~ 

I sit and wonder whats to become of here n whats everyone ben doing in thier lives.

Waiting for my pop

I know when I have gone one step too far when pop points to his feet and instead of saying 'good girl' he gives me the long look, until I squirm. It's my pop's way, yah see, the final warning, no words are needed. Keeping where I need to be, just lil me. When I get too big for my boots as us brits say or too big for my britches. 

New little boy

Hi, I'm Snidget or Ky. I really like superheroes, specially Hawkeye. I'm a boy, haven't seen lots of those around here, but I hope that's okay. I also really like puppies and music. I have a stuffie that's a wolf and also a Hawkeye tsum tsum. I'd like to talk to anyone but I can be a bit shy.

Linn says allo

(Eep, I thought I posted here already; my apologies!)

Hi everybody! I'm Linden, but please call me Linn. (I tend ta think I'm in trouble if I hear, "Linden..." lol)

I'm a little from the left coast, in South Puget Sound, WA State. My age can vary greatly, depending on my mood and those around me. When I'm really scared I can become quite young, but I'm also curious about so many things.

sites, apps and software for discipline

this is for big eyes only if you are little go play inside while i talk about boring grownup stuff with your bigs please.

If you are in a long distance relationship with your ik's keeper discipline can be hard. below are some stuff my ik and her keeper use

forest- you have to leave your phone untouched for a given time to grow a tree. A screenshot of the tree can be sent to verify punishment is done

head or tales

You you calm inviting being Whisperer of tales of glory and bliss, so splendid  you who are so rich in colors light cannot but dance with thee,angels play among you.You who light reaches in to envelope itself to your greatest depths but can not find

you who restores my body and soul

RJ's room

Looks through some of the empty bedrooms and thinks this smaller one would be perfect. Glad to have a place of my own. Drops down my bag, plugs in my phone charger and falls down face forward on the bed, needing to catch up on some sleep bad thinking I probably won't be awake again till the weekend is over.

Miss Tees' room

Feeling wonderful about coming to the Island having met some of the terrific kidz ive heard inhabited here i find a room and ask for some Oompa help in setting it up to be my home.
Peeking in than stepping in once seeing,yep it's the right one i set down my bags
flopping onto my bed ,grateful it's here! Perfect! I think drifting off as my thoughts do the same.

What's up?

Waving my phone around energetically as I arrive onto the island and wonder if there is any WiFi here at all.

Hi everyone, my name is rj. just rj, nothing more, nothing less and ill give anyone who finds out what those initials stand for a dollar to keep quiet. wink

Making Dinner!

I enter the kitchen and go straight to the fridge and look in it to see what we have.  I worried that maybe we were running out of food, since there were no bigs around.  But the Ooompa Loompas take good care of us and there is lots of nutritious food for us to eat.  Ick!

I close the door and check out the pantry.  Much better!  I grab a big bag of potato chips (crisps for Jo!) and a box of cream-filled cakes.  I take them over to the table and climb on to a chair.



Hi's everyones! I'm Sean. I'm new here...Obviously *giggles shyly* I's just wanna says hi and stuff.

I loves to read. I's read all days, alls da time. I loves music and movies. I collects all da tings. Everything. I love crafty projects and making stuffs. I has a teddy bear, his name is Murphy. I love him. He goes everywhere with me and I has a rubber lizard too and his name is Terrance and he lives on my shoulders or in my pockets. 

In Search of Friendly and (Slighty) Scary Sea Monsters

They say that the beach is full of sea monsters and that all you have to do is wait very very quietly and they will come to you.  But they won't come if you're loud or naughty or messy or talk during story time.  No, the sea monsters will only appear for good little boys and girls.

Do you want to see a sea monster?  I bet you do.  It's much better than hearing a here monster!  Or wearing a weremonster!

Come join me on the beach and we can find out what is there!

erm hi everyone *shyly walks in and waves*

Hi everyone, I'm Andy.  Hope boys are allowed here as well.  I'm a bit shy around new people and not really sure what to say as an intro but I'm much more fun when I know people a bit better :)  If anyone likes superheroes I have lots of cool action figures and stuff to play with :)  *also looks around to see if there are any grown ups here or just other kids*

Winter Fun

Laura feels like a mummy wrapped up from head to toe.  She's got a puffy coat, puffy snowpants, puffy mittens, and a puffy hat (topped with a not-so-puffy pom pom).  Her boots, while definitely NOT puffy, are bright and pink and perfect for stomping in the snow.