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Recent Haps In The Snuggery

So, um, like, hi! - Krissy

Hewwo. thank you all for letting me come and be part of your community! I thank you very very much! I think I might have a tun of fun here with everyone! I hope I do, I also hope to meet friends, so if you want me to do something, or say something about my self, I'm more than happy!


I don't really know what else to put here, (sorry!!) so I'll conclude with that, boop! 

cooking up Miss Chef

feelin' rather bored and needing some entertainment things I decide am going to try and cook something, usually done with a Bigger but they can sometimes be hard to find. Pushing a chair over to the counter I get down everything I can find that looks nice. Soon I seem to have a lot of chocolate, eggs, flour, butter, milk, blueberries, cranberries, cinnamon, crem cheese and fairy sprinkle things so I start throwing them all in a bowl together, after remembering I shoulds wash my hands. It isn't long till the bowl is full and I look for something to mix everything around in it with.

*waves shyly and ducks behind wall*

Umm, hi. You can call me Candy or Blue or whatever you like. I'm new here, nice to meet you guys. I'm kinda shy and feel weird around people, so don't feel bad if I don't warm up to you quickly. I think my Big's kinda always known that she didn't grow up inside, but she didn't know there was a name for what she's going through. So I'm here to maybe make some friends ^_^

Keeping warm

Running into the room that i memberd had a fire place, i go straight to it n make a fire to keep warm.

Thinking ~"i guess its a waste of energy to keep the heat on if noones around"~ 

I sit and wonder whats to become of here n whats everyone ben doing in thier lives.

Waiting for my pop

I know when I have gone one step too far when pop points to his feet and instead of saying 'good girl' he gives me the long look, until I squirm. It's my pop's way, yah see, the final warning, no words are needed. Keeping where I need to be, just lil me. When I get too big for my boots as us brits say or too big for my britches. 

New little boy

Hi, I'm Snidget or Ky. I really like superheroes, specially Hawkeye. I'm a boy, haven't seen lots of those around here, but I hope that's okay. I also really like puppies and music. I have a stuffie that's a wolf and also a Hawkeye tsum tsum. I'd like to talk to anyone but I can be a bit shy.

Linn says allo

(Eep, I thought I posted here already; my apologies!)

Hi everybody! I'm Linden, but please call me Linn. (I tend ta think I'm in trouble if I hear, "Linden..." lol)

I'm a little from the left coast, in South Puget Sound, WA State. My age can vary greatly, depending on my mood and those around me. When I'm really scared I can become quite young, but I'm also curious about so many things.

sites, apps and software for discipline

this is for big eyes only if you are little go play inside while i talk about boring grownup stuff with your bigs please.

If you are in a long distance relationship with your ik's keeper discipline can be hard. below are some stuff my ik and her keeper use

forest- you have to leave your phone untouched for a given time to grow a tree. A screenshot of the tree can be sent to verify punishment is done

head or tales

You you calm inviting being Whisperer of tales of glory and bliss, so splendid  you who are so rich in colors light cannot but dance with thee,angels play among you.You who light reaches in to envelope itself to your greatest depths but can not find

you who restores my body and soul

RJ's room

Looks through some of the empty bedrooms and thinks this smaller one would be perfect. Glad to have a place of my own. Drops down my bag, plugs in my phone charger and falls down face forward on the bed, needing to catch up on some sleep bad thinking I probably won't be awake again till the weekend is over.

Miss Tees' room

Feeling wonderful about coming to the Island having met some of the terrific kidz ive heard inhabited here i find a room and ask for some Oompa help in setting it up to be my home.
Peeking in than stepping in once seeing,yep it's the right one i set down my bags
flopping onto my bed ,grateful it's here! Perfect! I think drifting off as my thoughts do the same.

What's up?

Waving my phone around energetically as I arrive onto the island and wonder if there is any WiFi here at all.

Hi everyone, my name is rj. just rj, nothing more, nothing less and ill give anyone who finds out what those initials stand for a dollar to keep quiet. wink