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Whom We Are / Contact Us

Whom Do We Be?

  • UB is the sheriff hereabouts, he's overseen online communities since the 80s and those devoted to relationships built around Adoring Discipline, Cherished Reparenting, and Devotional D/s since the early 90s. He's ECSTATICALLY married to his womanchild wife, Carolyn Faulkner (known here as Pipsqueak). Feel free to ping him if you have any questions or suggestions.

  • Pipsqueak is UBs liddel girl pretty much all the time that they're together, and otherwise known as Carolyn Faulkner, UB's wife, and one of the most popular writers of Adoring Discipline and Adult Ageplay fiction on the Net.

    We live it, she writes it! She's a junior Sheriff here too, but doesn't draw her pistols very often at all, so don't let her fool you.

  • Katiemay is an alpaca rancher who donates her time overseeing the Lullaby League (see below), and holds the honorary title of Queen Of The Oompas (ibid).

    She's in a RL Adult Ageplay relationship with her boyfriend, our own Papa Joe. You can visit her in her Oh-ficial Office!

  • The Lullaby League are the Hall Monitors in the Snuggery, the moderators, who help us keep a close eye on things. They're friendly folks whom you can turn to if you need help. Here is where their roster, and more info about them each, is maintained.

  • A tribe of Northern Loompas, following the ancient Viking maps from Greenland, looking for good land to farm along the northern East Coast of North America, crash-landed loooong ago, in a storm on an island off the coast of Maine.

    The long, serrated line of rocks which half-encircle the approaches to the Island bade them name it Guarded Island, and they lived there for many generations, happily.

    By the time my grandmother used the money she made as a journalist and syndicated radio host in the 50s and 60s to buy her own small Island off the coast of Maine, the Loompas had farmed the earth out on the Island, their crops had gotten weaker and smaller each year, and so my grandmother was treated as a savior when she arrived in 1968, with her daughter and small grandson in tow, and put the tribe to gainful, happy work building and painting the necessities for a resort of sorts, a private hideaway on the newly-renamed Guardian Island, for the gifted and challenged to be invited for periods of reflection, growth, play, relationship-building, and (sometimes) intense training.

    To this day, the grandchildren of those Northern Loompas live happily here, led by the stalwart Lenny Loompa, working their magic during the night, when all are asleep, and every bit of the Island is cleaned and repaired and made ready for the waking guests to begin their Inner Journey once again in the morning.

    They are mostly nocturnal, so you will rarely see them about, but if you do, don't be startled, simply smile and nod. Although they DO love a wee butterscotch every now and then...