A map of Guardian Island

Feb 3, 2021
From UB's large cherrywood desk what once belonged to Thomas Jefferson


GUARDIAN ISLAND had a particular purpose in the pre-social-media days, when so many people were coming, blinking, into cyberspace for the first time. It was meant as a protectorate, in addition to being something of a pulpit from which we could testify to how much emotional fulfillment, and other positive stuff, meaningful, relationship-forward Adult Ageplay could bring so many.

I had to step aside from it a few years ago, when back-to-back tragedies laid me low.

Since then I have tried to keep some basic site up as "Guardian Island", but circumstances continued to keep us from being able to grow them out.

But circumstances have changed! And now we're more free to explore all of this with the GI priorities!

We're psyched! We still have all those enthusiasms and passions for the power and depth possible in all of this, combined with our love of writing and reading about this stuff, so we're working on a new version of a GI community for 2021. Hope you'll come back by.

If you would like to be involved in "GI X", please drop us a note!


~Mr. Faulkner (Unka Bobby) and Carolyn Faulkner