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The Profound Intimacy Of Offered Authority

Guardian Island is about the intimacy and intrigue of real Ageplay Romance in healthy relationships, welcoming the adjacent realms of Adoring Discipline, and Devotional D/s in realistic, long-term adult relationships -- whether you just want to explore these Headspaces with others who understand, or would love to build a viable, long-term relationship around them. Here we explore the reality and wonders of RL adult relationships in which structure and discipline are fulfilling as part of being Cherished by someone who has earned the Trust of placing oneself in their hands.

We use the classic modes of fiction, articles, discussion and imagery to explore the variants and depths of these Headspaces in healthy, committed adult relationships, whether you've already found one, or are just curious about the Real Life possibilities.

If you want more than just the porn/fantasy versions of these things which most of the Net sees them as, come on in and lets talk.

A cozy, warm New England Inn faces out to sea on the Backside of Guardian Island.

Facing away from the mainland (and vanilla humanity), with remote and hidden access only, is a classic New England Inn, facing the stormy froth of the North Atlantic, where folks are welcome to explore the stormy froth behind the needs they feel, for something that most of the world doesn't understand, trivializes, or outright exploits.

Take a Deeper Dive, underneath the superficial delights of the porn fantasy that "Adult Ageplay" has come to mean online, into REAL LIFE Ageplay Romance, Adoring Discipline, and Devotional D/s.

--Carolyn Faulkner and Mr. Faulkner (UB)