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Ahoy, again from kiddo

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by kiddo Sun, 05/17/2020 - 01:36

I found my way to this place kinda a long time ago but then the hurricane made it disk-a-peer.  Then, I landed on the shore here not knowing I found it once again, even though it looked lots different. It was at that time that I settled into a bedroom but then I decided to go exploring and I got lost again ... until now.  So ... I'm back, and hello!

I am an ik (between 4 and 6 mostly but sometimes 8, if I have to) ... and I like it that way.  I prefer it even when I am in places that I can't be me because if I am my authentic self, life gets a bit hard and frustrating and then that's just how it goes, if y'know what I mean ... and that's why I'm so fond of here.

To be back once again is my pleasure and privilege ... and I hope to express that with all of my words and actions, to everybody I chance to meet here.

Oh!  and the picture is of Henry.  He's my buddy bear who goes with me everywhere.


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I guess it's nice to be back although I was never back as it were to somewhere you liked to be, able to just be yourself so welcome back, Kiddo.

Regards, Chris.