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Topping From The Bottom


"Topping from the bottom?? I don't even bottom from the bottom!"

--Squeaky, cracking me up while across my lap, obliterating the serious, meaningful, fraught-and-tingly atmosphere I was so carefully crafting with lighting, and murmured words...

But it was worth it.

"Isn't fun the best thing to have??"





Weekend Away


Tonight I was leaning down over her, almost conspiratorially, and murmuring reassurances and tokens of adoration that were more like sounds, than actual words, in the lower, slower register of my voice, which seems to comfort her.

She looked up at me and her eyes were so sad -- well, not so much sad, as kind of imbued with the ongoing wince of a pain that there's just no answer for.


UB's Blather Control Problem


There are certain parts of domesticity that feel just perfectly
appropriate to connect to her Liddel side. The growedup side of her is
very helpful and does so much, but the Liddel side of her has chores and
rules around the house that are emphasized as being Squeaky's
rules, as opposed to Carolyn's. Above and beyond and outside the
covenant of two adults sharing a household, dividing the minutia of living
life in whatever way they've agreed.

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