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Carolyn Faulkner

Welcome to Carolyn's little home on the web!

She's been a very popular author of Spanking Romance for a long time, but although she's occasionally also written about themes that touch on Adult Ageplay, the truth is that she's been living a 24/7 DDLG relationship for the past 17 years, and writes "Ageplay Romance" fiction and nonfiction with her husband, Mr. UB Faulkner (Unka Bobby). So they've decided to explore that more with others here, on Guardian Island!

You can send a private message to Carolyn here!

You can read her blog here!

And you can find lots of her other writings, and lots more explorations of Regression themes in loving, real disciplinary relationships all over the place!

(And you can also tattle on her to her (Adult Ageplay) "Daddy" here, if you feel it would be For Her Own Good!)