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Chris's Introduction


I've never been here before although I knew of this Island cos my past apart from a tiny period on Friends Reunited in 2005 was just lived before I joined a short lived adult little boy site and took out an account at Tumblr to connect with other adult little boys cos we're so invisible really.

I mean everything you hear is about girls, even on tumblr in the age regression communties it's like 90 to 10 about girls regression and there's more of them there that I hang around so you get the picture. 

Regression is more me, the business just being inner child me which baring the odd thing like voting or having to do something like serve in a jury is pretty much my full time life, just playing, reading colouring when not kicking a ball about like I was a kid 'cept my birth certificate says I'm over 21 and I like playing.

In case anyone was curious that avatar is actual of me definately NOT a minor in law, I just look kinda young by decades for my age that's all an' act it.

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Aren't you a lucky boy to be able to be yourself all the time like that! It's a fantasy for me to spend time with my own littles regressed all the time, at least for days at a time, but so far it hasn't been realistic. Life would be great if it wasn't for the real world! :)

I think it is just demographics, Chris, not discrimination. For whatever reason a lot more men (and women in some cases :) ) find the idea of a grown woman being regressed, whether mentally or physically, than do most women find regressed men appealing.

We could discuss whether it is societal misogyny that makes it more acceptable for women to be childish than for men to be, but I feel for all the liddel boys out there who simply can't find their own Auntie Red. I find liddel boys to be adorable, but can't help that I'm more attracted to liddel girls.

I hope you find what you are looking for, Chris! I'll be checking by here if you need someone to talk to.



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Hi there.

I'm sorry you're not too good and hope you are able to return one day sooner rather than later.

I would agree with you that 'adult little boys' seem a smaller thing in AR/AP circles and even sometimes it appears you're not really wanted like you're the leper.

It would be nice if people would interact with you cos you just sound like us except you're a boy of course and that ought to be fine but soem people can be funny an that I guess.

Anyway when you're better do come and play with us all.

Regards Jo.