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Chris's February update

I'm feeling a bit better than I was a few weeks ago as because of what happened in my childhood inadvertantly I got triggered very badley for a period and wasn't able to get back on here until it had cleared from my head.

At the moment apart from writing a blog thing every so often, I'm sorting things out as I'll be away hiking, exploring in toned down attire as in no logo'd caps and that but pretty much a younger me right down tho the grey shorts and turn over socks with coloured bands on the turn over bit.  Very traditional British, straight out of a zillion boarding school stories you could think of (or at least I can having read them and comic strips of a similar nature).

All that kicks off Saturday and doesn't end until Friday so it'll be fun so long as the weather holds out as we've had big storms here last weekend and snow yesterday although sadly not enough to build an igloo or even a snowman with, you know, with coal for eyes and a carrot for a nose. Like that Olaf geezer in Frozen.

Anyways, that's the end of the update and time for me tea.