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Feeling Pretty

I was having a panic attack and feeling sorry for myself last night.  I couldn't sleep, so I logged on to a Kik group that I belong to and chatted with the folks there.  We have a rule that if you say "lol" you have to post a selfie.  I'm always very careful not to do so because I feel that people's expectation of what I look like will be crushed when they see the real me.

I was tired though and made the mistake.  So, I did a selfie.  And I waited....

"You're so pretty, Laura!" they said.  And I cried.

I've never been pretty before and it felt amazing!!!!



Joanne_chan's picture

Oh That sounds wonderful, Laura. Sometimes we tend to think of pretty as something that belongs to somebody else  and not in non vain way see it in us.

Mr. UB Faulkner's picture


That's so special! I think lots of people feel more comfortable socializing online because of how they think they look to other people. That sounds like kind of a breakthrough! Made me happy just reading about it! :)