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In the past of Guardian Island, some folks have been confused by our attempt to create the feeling of a place, rather than just another website, by depicting ourselves as being an Island, on which there are several communities, each of which exists in a "building" full of areas (rooms), each of which focuses on a particular sub-theme under our main themes.

All of which requires some degree of imagination -- but it's been my own experience that these alternative lifestyles often attract people who're more intelligent and creative than the mean population.

So it might seem odd to cling to this bit of fantasy in the midst of a place that we're rebuilding partly to combat the slide toward treating all of these related lifestyles as mostly fantasy.

But it actually dovetails nicely with the retro impulses that drove us to rebuild this whole thing, as we feel that the richness and imaginative emotion which is possible in these lifestyles, has been pared down to just simplistic and obvious erotic tokens.

E.g., endless pictures of women in diapers on Tumblr make it the de facto core of Adult Ageplay these days, with almost nothing shared there about the depth of emotional bonding that can occur when you love someone in TWO powerful ways... as a "child" is loved by a parent, and as a mate is loved as an adult.


Guardian Island is a virtual island off the coast of Maine (modeled after the RL island on which I grew up).

• The Kittery is a compound on the far side of Guardian Island, where we invite folks to come and stay with us, to be absorbed in exploring the meat of these relationships and headspaces in frank and sex-positive ways.

• ...and within the Kittery, are a series of Rooms, into which you might go to observe or join in conversations/etc. about the theme of that room.

Easy! So imagine away! :)