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Unhealthy Relationships

I'll lead off by admitting that I use ageplay as therapy and there is nothing wrong with that.  I have real issues with my bio parents that I spend a lot of time sorting through with my Mommy.

But there's a real difference between using ageplay as a controlled environment to work through childhood traumas and issues, and people who go into power exchange relationships with self-destruction issues.  I'm in this middles Kik group right now and one of the admins is playing a serious drama game (and dragging us in) as she disentangles herself from a very nasty dom.  We keep telling her this is not healthy and she keeps hanging on to the guy.  To be honest, it seems like she likes to be in this relationship and is enjoying roping us in to watch.  But regardless, she's in the wrong relationship and seems a bit unclear of the difference between submission and co-dependence.

I'm not co-dependent with Mommy, beyond that we're awfully fond of each other after being together these past fifteen years.  When push comes to shove, I can adult with the best of them.  And when the snow needs shoveled or the taxes need prepared, I'm very capable.  I bring home a paycheck and I'm solid and responsible for her when she needs me.  But I can let all of that go and crawl into her arms and become her little girl for as long as we both want.  I do that willingly, not because I need it but because I want it.

I'm preaching to the choir right now about what makes a relationship nurturing, but so many people have got it wrong out there.



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There's a difference between co-dependency and being the willing independent part of a mutually benefitual relationship that allows you to 'drop the guard' off your inner kid side, letting it out where perhaps in a works context you may need to be the adult however imperfect and necessary taking time out of may be.

If like me you expressly do need stuff doing for you cos it wouldn't happen otherwise then it may make sense but even then I can manage sometasks by myself and are encouraged to do them unless say I'm unwell so I have some independence of thought and action.

Maybe she's getting something else from it but I'm not sensing from what you'd said that it'll end well.