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For the first half of the Net's life, niche lifestyles and niche people like us largely found it a paradise of intelligent conversation and intelligent people and rolling waves of creativity, in a vast, lawless virtual landscape in which we could build our own little worlds, re-define and re-map the ancient rules and sensibilities of the analog world, and create the zeitgeist of those worlds, rather than having it dictated to us. We could mold our little worlds into whatever shape we could think of.

Today, these niches that move Carolyn and me so much, on every level, have become largely porn-centric, superficial, and utterly unrealistic fantasy -- as has much of the Net.

So why resurrect an old-school approach like a place meant for discussion and thought and creative verbal expression, in a time when alternative lifestyles like Adult Ageplay are almost literally defined as the endless streaming of pictures of perfect, very young women trolling for clicks and gifts -- and very little focus on making it part of a realistic, real-world, long-term relationship... which is the very essence of what moves some of us the most?

The answer is in the question, as it so often is in Life.




Our Mission for the Kittery is basically listed at the top-right of every screen, in order of priority to us.


Most of us were SO careful in the past to very, very clearly delineate, in word and deed, the difference between Adult Ageplay and an excuse to indulge in the fantasy of sexualizing people that're too young for that to be anything but evil.

So, for example, we find it both moving and arousing for a woman herself to be moved and aroused by being treated like a child in some way.

But the lines have been blurred, and the online Adult Ageplay world seems largely focused on the fantasy of (usually already very young) women being depicted as if they were actually a minor.

Lines have further blurred between hardcore S&M and Adult Ageplay, and between incest fantasies and Adult Ageplay.

To put it bluntly, we failed to keep Ageplay from being linked to things from which we tried so hard, for many years, to delineate ourselves.

So we're here to delve into Real World loving, therapeutic Adult Ageplay, and the creative ways real people (of all ages and all types) weave it into their real world long-term relationships.

Adult women will be depicted as adult women who get something positive out of being treated like a child at times, not as "daughters" or actual "little girls" or incest victims. Those things are not Adult Ageplay as we and others invented it to be in the 90s.


It is our humble opinion that the collision of the Adult Ageplay/Inner Child world, and hookup culture, have crushed more Little hearts than can be counted.

For any Innerkid ("Little") who regresses emotionally to any degree (as opposed to being a purely sexual fetish), so much of their needs are diametrically opposite of the ethos of hookup culture, and to the recent rendering of sex into being no more than a regular bodily function, imbued with little meaning and even less bonding.

The entire Ethos of what most Emotionally-real Innerkids crave is about stability, about relying on someone into whose hands one has placed themselves, about Trusting that someone who takes such complete and intimate care of them, can be counted on to be there tomorrow.

It's our opinion that serial, premature, and superficial "Adoptions" do more damage to the emotionally-real Innerkid within someone, than they do to their adult side.

Most Innerkids thrive from, and derive the therapeutic benefits that are so wondrously possible, from carefully chosen, carefully thought-out partners who have earned the level of Trust which putting a "child's" heart into their hands, really requires.

Just as a Biokid will probably suffer a great deal, and forever, from serial "step-parents" in their childhood, we feel that the kind of dynamic that most emotionally-real Innerkids will thrive from is the classic committed, long-term relationship, rather than Tinder-levels of commitment onto which is hung yet another "adoption".

So all are welcome, but we feel pretty sure, from decades of living these things mostly 24/7, and meeting countless Innerkids in our communities, that what's best for most Innerkids is a Realistic, Real-Life, committed relationship into which these Headspaces are woven.


This is the deliciousness, the quivering, the swollen delights of titillation and blush, and the unspeakable taboo acts that we commit upon the person of one another, in these lifestyles.

We ADORE the Giggity, we want to hear ALL about your Giggity! It just comes 3rd in the kind of Adult Ageplay world that we hope to encourage here.

We are sex-positive, kink-positive, pervert-positive, consenting-adult-positive, and love wallowing in the atmospheric wetness of both the emotional and sexual turn-ons that all of this stuff entails.


R U L E S   (C O M M U N I T Y   S T A N D A R D S)

We'd like to keep things as simple as possible. In the past, we've sought to police the "emotional safety" of folks here, mostly because we began in the early days of the public Net (1994), when a lot of women (frankly) were coming online for the first time, and were often not prepared for the Wild West onslaught of men (frankly), who'd arrived ahead of them and learned how to take advantage of folks.

Today, there's no adult who hasn't been online for a long time, and can be expected to know how to keep themselves safe in private from the awful, awful people out there. And we'll (moderators and admins) keep the public spaces as free of assholes as one can.

So here are the simple guidelines we'd like you to try to work from.

Unacceptable behavior would include:

  • bothering someone in private who has clearly asked you not to
  • posting anything that's not about loving, healthy Adult Ageplay, Domestic Discipline, or sane D/s (meaning, that's about what's best for the sub, not just what gets the Dom/me off)
  • depicting minors in any sexualized way
  • depicting adults as if they were actually minors
  • treating the place like a pick-up bar
  • being a dick

You know: Common human decency, like existed before social media.



The Order Of The Red Palm are the moderators who kindly help us keep an eye on things. They can be identified by this badge on their posts and profiles. You are invited to discuss issues about the community publicly, or to ask an ORP member privately by clicking on their name and choosing "Send this person a private message" on their profile page.






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