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You Keep Using This Word, Senor....

What is a "Daddy Dom"?  Thanks mostly to UB, I got it in my head that a Daddy Dom must be a loving Daddy for a baby or little girl, but now I find that all it takes to be a Daddy Dom is to believe in giving your sub playmate some aftercare.  Apparently the non-Daddy Doms don't do aftercare.  So, naturally, all these women flodding into BDSM are saying they want Daddy Doms.

What is a "Little"?  I always thought a Little was a person (or more of a mindset) where you felt yourself age-regressed to a way of thinking about yourself and the world like you did (or should have) as a biological child.  But apparently, Little now is just used as a subset for submissive.

This becomes terribly confusing when you are a Little and not into BDSM or a Little and not seeking a sexual relationship because both definitions of Daddy Dom and Little are still out there and some people use them one way and some the other.  And, because we don't want to be judgmental of each other, we can't just say, "No, that's not what the word means!" But I'm so so frustrated with trying to find people with whom I can discuss nurturing relationships or with whom I can share my feelings about being little.

But at least I finally understand why these people only want to talk about dungeons, collars, and ouchy new toys, and why they roll their eyes when I want to talk about favorite board games, books, and my sticker collection.



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I get that Laura, because for some people (and they're entitled to it) a little is a submisive in a more child-like wrapper including attire and does include sexual activity in that setting while for some of us it is being in the mindset of a child even if in Law we're adults so from that we'd be doing those things an actual child would because at that point in time we're regressed and what we do flows from that rather than it being a played out role.

Being that is very much an organic thing and I get frustrated with the numbers of people who put that more adult and sexual side into what are supposed to be child-like spaces rather than leaving them to their own.

It's why on Tumblr I belong to a safe for work non-sexual age regression group where we just talk about being regressed and playing  when we're not posting picture of things we love like build-a-bear plushes, toys we 'play' with or engage in arty things like colouring. Nothing 'adult content'  is allowed in the group nor is anything *sensitive*.

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I'm late to this exchange but I have to say ... I get it, too.  It just makes things harder and harder when words you thought you knew and understood wind up with duo meanings which are wildly surprising.    It's tricky enough being a 'little' when the 'other me' should be able to grasp and sort out various concepts but sometimes I just find it too much to deal with and I wanna crawl back into my safe place.