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Daddy not intimate enough

Mister U.B., I've seen in other places girls complaining that their Daddy always makes 'little' time sexual and they want time like that to just feel little for awhile and not always be about grownup sexytimes. I feel weird because I have the opposite problem. My husband is very supportivee of my little needs and gives me times when we just do that, like afternoons when I am to be little and he treats me as little, but he is not comfortable with sexytimes when I am little, or at least not when I am dressed little. Only when he is treating me as little and I am dressed little, especially diaper changing, I get so tingly and my no-no parts get all achy and I want Daddy to do more so bad! Plus when he is taking such tender care of me like changing or dressing me I want to thank him because it feels so subbie and little for me to make him feel very good all by myself!, but he says he can't feel in the right mood when I am diapered or dressed little. I have told him that it is okay to be intimate when i am little my little side is very sexual but he's not comfortable i guess maybe it blurs some line for him for me to "look" to much like a kid. I have lived with it but I rilly ache to mix our grownup stuff with our ageplay stuff. Any idears about how to make him more comfortable with that and to make our special times even more specialer? Thank you and a curtsy. (:

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There's a lot of attention these days paid toward men and how common pedophilia is (rightly so!), I wonder if he just doesn't want you to think that anything even slighlty having to do with "kids" could be arousing to him? Changing the diaper of an adult you're in a sexual relationship with is so personal and so obviously having to do with sexual parts that I'd be surprised if most guys could find no arousal at it. Do you make your own desires known to him at the time? "In scene" so to speak?