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Eurydice intro


I'm just trying to figure out my way in this world and hopefully get the courage to include my husband. 


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Hiya Eurydice! It's an odd thing to figure out, for sure, and we can relate to the nervousness of not knowing how someone else is going to react to it all.

How long have you been married? Is he aware of any hint of your needs at all?

Often people kind of joke about, or bring up a much milder version of, stuff like this to test the waters.

I can't tell you how many times in my life I made a casual-sounding joke about someone deserving a spanking, or called someone "little girl" flirtatiously, just to watch their eyes to see whether I should laugh it off as a joke, or if there was any small spark of the remotest interest in their eyes.

It's not exactly the same, but I recently had a very good, very vanilla friend get redirected to this site accidentally, because of a mistake on my part, and I'm still half-mortified at what they might think about it all.

Hope to discuss this more, and follow your journey!