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Evie's intro

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by Evie Thu, 10/31/2019 - 12:26

I used to be on here a long time ago with the same name. I've been Evie as long as I've realized I had a IK.  I'm 6 years old usually but sometimes younger. I just thought I'd drop back in and see what's going on. I miss playing with my friends... 

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Hiya Evie! I remember you. I'm pleased to see you here! We just put the place up recently, and haven't publicized it yet, but we're going to do that this week, so I hope you come swimming by again very soon! Let me know if you need anything! Still got plenty of butterscotches around here! :)



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Hey Evie, I mebember you! We used to talk some. I was little-one then but someone got to know me a little better and said I was always in a Tizzy, so that became me.

How have you been? Does ya got a Daddy or sumpin? I hope some other kidz will come here too. Not a lot of places feel safe on the web. I used to feel safe here. Kinda quiet tho. Mebbe we can mix things up a little! 

hug, tizzy


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Welcome, Evie!! I'm glad you've found us!