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hiya everybodies

i am roisebum (iams a good girl, honest). i useded be a resident of Unka's other Island (with the same nickname) till it imploded in a big kaboom.

My little is feeling very shy all of a sudden. So will continue as big, Rosiebum's favorite game use to be 'whats in Daddy's pockets' and writing and decorating in her room.

I so am happy to have re-connected here, a safe place for bigs and littles. Thanks in large part to GI many years ago, my husband and I (30 years & still in love) learned how to have our home be the safe space for my little to be out whenever. Previous to that I only let her out to play online. Things have changed drastically for us in our home so i am back to needing a sanctuary for my little. In February we invited an adult niece to live with us, to help us pay our mortgage and for her to pay down her debt. So our home is no longer safe for my little to be out. The SIP and the fact she doesn't have a full time job yet has compounded and intensified my little's confinement. 

Thank you Unka and the Minions who work so hard to have this place exist. !!!!


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I wholeheartedly agree with the thank yous expressed for the existence of here!

Isnt it wonderful to know we can always return?  I just love it lots ... and I think it's great that you're here!  Welcome back!

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Thank you for the welcome. Hope you are safe, well and have hope.