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The Intimacy Of Authority


The Guardian Island project is here to focus on the potent Headspaces of authority, discipline and eroticism which are common to many lifestyle themes.

* The willing gift to another personal of some level of Authority over one.

* Submission to corporal discipline to enforce that Authority.

* And the extraordinary threads of emotional intimacy, tenderness and bonding which is woven through a relationship where someone lives up to such a level of Trust.

Whether you think of yourself as a submissive, old-fashioned wife, or Innergirl, if the aura of Authority over you from someone that's earned your Trust, and potential punishment if they feel it's in your best interest, is un-endingly connected to your sexuality (which doesn't preclude it being very real and effective discipline), then you have what we call Punishmentality, and Guardian Island is right up your... er... alley.


There is Majesty in what you crave --
That ultimate Trust,
up to which,
you yearn for someone to live.

There are unspeakably rich
Emotional depths,
to be plumbed.

the Intimacy of Authority
Adoring Discipline
Cherished reParenting


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