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Introducing Saffy

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by Saffy Mon, 06/22/2020 - 16:32

Hiyas, everybuddy!

My name is Saffy.  It's short for Saffron.  I've been me since forever - like 19 or 20 years ago when I first discovered my liddleness.  My realtime age has gotten way higher in all that time, but liddle inner me remains around 6ish/7ish most of the time.  Some things change, some things stay the same I guess.

I was on the Island back when I was first finding me, so that's a long time ago.  Big me has a profile on Fetlife and that's where I saw that the Island was back.  I scooted right over here, letmetellya.  Uncle Bobby and Caroline are awesome.

I had a Papa long, long ago, but I haven't had one since then.  Most folks don't have the same ideas of what it is as me, I think.  Plus also my trust-o-meter is set high and I don't trust most people.  Since the days of having a Papa, I've had to learn to manage myself and take care of myself in good ways.  There's stuff I long for that I can't have, but I guess that's how it is for everybody.

Big me is married to a very nice Not-a-Daddy-Just-a-Husband.  He knows about my liddle parts, though it's not a part of our relationship dynamics at all.  We have an "open marriage" technically, though neither of us is out cattin' around.   

I guess that's enough for now.  I'm here.  :)