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Joanne's re-introduction

Hello there.

I am back, yes me the one and only Joanne, writer of many a wall, who wrote a blog in here and has blogs elsewhere too if you really like to know, that like that last person alos has a Tumblr, mine goes back to March 2013 I'll have you know just calling in and re-registering, like.

I read, I take pictures, I watch tv sometimes but not groan up tv as that's kind of boring really, I like to be out and go to littles camp in the UK, next one about four week off where I'm looked after and if I'm  a bit norty we'll he smacks me out of site of the others and I did write on the last version a bit about that.

That I think might be enough for now as its coming up to my bed time so better change into my Pj's and get to sleep.

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*I run up to my long lost friend Jo and give her my bestest hug!!!*