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Laura Anne's Introduction

Hi!  My name's Laura and I was here a long time ago and then I came back and then I came back again.  And now I'm back one more time.  From now on, I want to keep a toothbrush here or something!

These days I'm a bit older.  11 is a great age but it also kind of stinks cause you're too old to be a little kid and too young to be a big kid.  And it's where I appear to be stuck!  The good news is that I'm learning how to become a babysitter, so I'm happy to help out when little kids need things.

I still love reading so if you ever want to talk books (NB: once upon a time we had a book club here) just drop me a note.

Auntie Red's picture

Toothbrushes are a good idea! Bobby, are we going to have bedrooms for people here too? I thought that was a nice homey touch before.