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Rectal Thermometer Madness!

Now this is to be taking vigilent Home Medical Care to the farthest!

Of COURSE in these seasons of the coldness and the flu, monitoring an Innerkid's temperature becomes ever more in importance!

And of COURSE every of the forward-thinking Guardian knows that the MOST precise of the temperature taking is of the rectal flavor!

But THIS: much of the taking of the fruitcake!! Such overly killing, the $60 laser rectal thermometer!!


Cold And Flu Season (Temperature Taking)




It is yet another time being the time when Liddels can be getting colds and flu more easily.

So it is evermore important that Guardians monitor every small detail of their Liddel's health!

And nothing is telling us more about her health than her temperature.

It has been demonstrated thousands of times, several hundred by my own self alone, that the MOST accurate taking of the temperature is to be the rectal flavor.

It is over a QUARTER of a degree more accurate than any other of the methods!

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