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The Profundity Of Making It REAL


This is lovely for looking REAL, and less staged, or less carefully-applied to achieve some photogenic effect -- that is what a bottom looks like after a true, on-the-spot punishment spanking... fast and intense, peppering without much ritual, meant to connect her with the punished-little-girl part of her, that's so fraught with emotion -- not perfectly accurate and measured, and meaning business... not an orchestrated "scene".


Dramas In Pajamas


The homey domestic touches are so endearing, and emotionally powerful, in building the atmosphere of being little in a safe household, which should be the goal for Ageplay Romance.

Harkening back to feelings of childhood, no matter how adult she is, or how adult the situation might be.

And little says "domestic" and "safe" and "cozy" and physically-intimate as does a woman in cute, girlish pajamas.

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