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The Profundity Of Making It REAL

woman stands in corner with obviously, thoroughly, spanked bottom


This is lovely for looking REAL, and less staged, or less carefully-applied to achieve some photogenic effect -- that is what a bottom looks like after a true, on-the-spot punishment spanking... fast and intense, peppering without much ritual, meant to connect her with the punished-little-girl part of her, that's so fraught with emotion -- not perfectly accurate and measured, and meaning business... not an orchestrated "scene".

Nothing is more arousing about Domestic Discipline than when it's treated as a natural, regular-life thing, for-her-own-good, in an Adoring long-term relationship...

(+20 points for covering the entire proper area for making sure she feels *punished*, not played with, when she knows it's what's best for her, no matter how much she hates it in the moment...)




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Daddy and me are playful a lot, like flirty almost, when I'm feeling little but even though i don't want to admit it when he is serious about a punishment i know i deserve it does makes my tummy feel very tingly and makes me feel even littler in a good way. course i would never tell Him its a good way lol.

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That does have the look of an ad-hoc spanking, doesn't it. Unexpected or on-the-spot (the sit spot!) spankings seem to make both liddel boys and liddel girls feel even liddeler. Also a strong reminder that you are always in charge, for those that need you to be.



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{ I also like that shot because it looks like a real couple in a real home, and not all that posed commercial erotica that floods every site with these kinds of subjects. I enjoy tasteful erotica of real people indulging in our kinks. }